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How do clients use our products?

We are just discovering the potential of a digital infrastructure to control signal flows within the cloud. Learn from our clients about the scope of solutions our products offer.


ESL distributes streams to multiple gaming platforms during IEM Katowice.

Intel® Extreme Masters (IEM) is the longest running global pro gaming tour in the world. Started in 2006 by ESL, the competition features Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, StarCraft II and League of Legends tournaments across multiple continents. In 2016 make.tv’s Live Video Cloud was used to acquire camera feeds from four different stages which were then distributed to multiple gaming platforms such as Twitch, Yahoo, Azubu and Snappy.tv simultaneously. Throughout the entire event the signals were cut live within the make.tv Manager and used for short post-production videos.

Advantages through make.tv

  • no expensive equipment
  • no additional computers with encoders
  • reach target groups on different platforms simultaneously
  • distribution of multiple platforms with 
only one signal
  • usage of media assets and archives for 


LinkedIn produces Live Stream of annual Global Sales Kick-Off.

In 2016, LinkedIn hosted their annual sales come together event, where make.tv filled the entire conference center with GoPros connected to hardware encoders and looked for the right spots for mobile contributors using the Streamtag App. A big screen with the make.tv MultiView App displayed all camera feeds arriving in our cloud and enabled a unique viewing experience. By operating the Selector, the Live Video Cloud was used as a sub switch and provided additional live content to the production team. After the event, the make.tv Manager was used to watch and download the assets.

Advantages through make.tv

  • no expensive equipment
  • content acquisition through mobile devices and GoPros
  • enrichment of linear production with UGC
  • usage of media assets and archives for post-production


SRF gathers content from their reporters in a seamless workflow.

The Swiss broadcaster SRF uses make.tv Live Video Cloud within Avid MediaCentral | UX via the make.tv Acquire plugin. This enables an operator to have a seamless workflow to manage a team of reporters in the field with instant bidirectional communication. The content created with reporters’ smartphones or external devices is transferred, imported and available directly in the Avid infrastructure within minutes.

Advantages through make.tv

  • manage your reporters in the field
  • direct integration into Avid MediaCentral | UX
  • transfer into Avid infrastructure within minutes


YouTube enables its audience to experience interactive viewing.

For the announcement of the "Life is Beautiful" Festival the make.tv Selector was used to acquire live feeds from mobile devices and stationary cameras and route them to multiple outputs to the Life is Beautiful channel on YouTube. This way the online audience could choose between four camera angles. In doing so, the stage at this location was covered by four stationary cameras, which were attached to hardware encoders and streams were sent into the Live Video Cloud. Additional streams of the crowd were provided through mobile contributors using the StreamTag App. After the event, the contributed footage of the show was downloaded from the make.tv Manager and used for the post-production video.

Advantages through make.tv

  • no expensive equipment
  • content acquisition through mobile devices and stationary cameras
  • enrichment of linear production with UGC
  • usage of media assets and archives for post-production
  • routing of four different live streams to YouTube Live


What is the Live Video Cloud?

The patented cloud technology enables producers to assign signals of incoming live feeds to pre-configured outputs, which can then be routed to live streaming platforms, newsrooms or production environments.

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Complement your existing environment.

The make.tv Live Video Cloud is designed to work as an extension to both, your existing infrastructure and as a standalone system. Learn more about how our products can enhance your production workflows.


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