Make.TV Acquire re-invents the ingest process with a seamless workflow and its powerful content acquisition network.

Source timely crowd-sourced or contributor-based live video feeds from mobile phones, encoders, or pro cameras using Make.TV Acquire and keep track of your mobile reporters via ongoing chats or intercom while monitoring incoming live feeds.


How does it work?

Footage from your mobile reporter appears in Make.TV Acquire. In addition to screening quality and content, the workflow tool allows producers to communicate with the reporter. Contributions are automatically archived and can be live routed to pre-defined outputs or transferred to other infrastructures.


See all uploads and messages of a selected contributor. Use the integrated chat or intercom to communicate while monitoring the incoming live feed.

Integrated in Avid MediaCentral the Make.TV Acquire plugin supplements one of the largest PAM/MAM systems.

Get instant access to uploaded files or route incoming live feeds to editable output destinations.

Browse by production, contributor or location.

Always find the team member you are looking for by filtering the contributor list or use the map view to find a reporter near a specific location.

See contributor states: online, offline, live.

Keep track of the state of your mobile reporters. See who is offline, online and available or currently contributing a live stream to your production.

Receive messages & upload notifications.

Don’t miss a thing, and get notified when a contributor tries to contact you, starts live streaming or uploads footage you are waiting for to further process.


Streamtag App

The fully integrated system camera – in your pocket.

Addressing a #Streamtag or configuring an external device lets you stream live footage from the field as well as upload recorded content. Live chat and intercom enables producers and contributors to work collaboratively towards the same goal.


How does it work?

Stream your live signal and communicate with your producer via chat or intercom. The Tally Light lets you know when you are routed to an output and become a real part of the live production.


Choose your stream destination from a list, or get notified when a #Streamtag is available nearby.

Tally Light, voice intercom and chat let producers and contributors work towards a common goal, making contributors feel like professional broadcasters!

Configure any streaming-enabled external device as an input without the need to re-configuring the device itself when changing the destination.

Archive your contributions.

All files are archived on the contributor's device for personal use as well as on cloud storage for permanent access by the target's owner.

Use external devices.

Using an Ingest-URL, contributors are enabled to use any streaming-capable device as an input, without the need to re-type the Ingest-URL when you decide to change the devices' target.

Get rewarded.

In the future, producers will be able to incentivize users to contribute with rewards such as vouchers or real cash.


What is the Make.TV Live Video Cloud?

With Live Video Cloud (LVC), acquire both user-generated and premium content contributed from smartphones, mobile pro cameras, and encoders, or even live social video feeds. Monitor incoming live feeds, communicate with contributors, route and then monetize streams to broadcast, social or OTT.