Deployment | 01.09.2014
September 1st 2014, 09:35h
Deployment | 01.09.2014


New Features:

More information while loading the studio
We have integrated more information while loading the studio. In case of a error while loading the studio, this can help our technicians to help you more properly.

New clock object
We have integrated a new clock object. Now you can enrich your ... 
Deployment | 04.08.2014
August 12th 2014, 12:06h


Changed duration display
We changed the format of duration for archives. Now you don’t have to calculate anymore. The duration will be shown to you in hh:mm:ss.

Delay for chat messages
With our limitation of 1.5 seconds for new messages spammer can not copy and paste chain messages anymore.


new F ... 
Deployment | 22.07.2014
July 22nd 2014, 07:35h
Deployment | 22.07.14


New Features:
Jump to position one.
We implemented a button for on demand videos which cause the seeker to jump to the frame of the video. scrobbing is not needed anymore if you want to start the video from the beginning.

We fixed an issue which appeared when the connection of an input were ... 
Deployment | 10.06.2014
June 16th 2014, 08:19h
Deployment | 10. June 2014

New features:

Delay functionality for each input
With this functionality you will be able to set an artificial delay for each input within the studio.
This allows you to compensate for delays between incoming streams and synch them.

We created a refresh button for our library which is ... 
Deployment | 16.04.2014
April 16th 2014, 05:41h
1. Optimized Sync handling
We made some optimizations with the sync handling in our studio.
This change makes the synchronization (audio/video) of incoming signals even more precise.

2. Trigger End Event
Let do the swap for you. You are now able to swap from one scene into another a. Simply drag and drop a video file into a scene ... 
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