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Produce, design and broadcast your Live Show – is your live media hub!
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Live Stream Production with the Studio

The Studio is the heart of the experience and is the powerful application where your live production comes together. Stream from a webcam, connect professional equipment or upload pre-recorded videos or images. Composit your media and create a compelling on-screen design, before you live edit the broadcast. Add and enrich with on-demand media and interactive widgets, like voting, to engage with your viewers.

Collaboration and decentralized production is designed for teams. Connect with your production crew and collaborate, even if you're halfway around the world. Team Members have access to a common channel and can work with the Tools at the same time to optimize efficiency and control.


This option makes it possible to re-broadcast your program from to other RTMP enabled platforms like Youtube Live or Ustream. Utilizing this feature will mean that the moment your program goes on air via the player it will also be pushed to the selected third party service.

Interactive Player

With the player you can not only broadcast your live show on the Internet, but are also able to use the back-channel to interact with your audience. With the voting element you can easily start votings or pollings and the results are published in real-time. Enhance this interaction with the audience by inviting viewers to your show so they can participate with their live video (see Video Call-in below).

Video Call-In

A live show would be nothing without an audience, and is designed with the audience in mind. has unique features for audience interaction, allowing the audience to submit content and chat live. You can invite someone from your audience (watching with the player) via the studio: just switch to the person's live camera live as an interview-partner or reporter in your show. That way, global Call-In Talk shows or international conferences can be produced easily at a low cost.

Automatic micro-site for congresses and conferences

This function enables to converge different channels and present these in an individual design on a specific micro site that is adjusted to the requirements of congresses and conferences. "Which talk is given where and at what time?" - "You’re late – the talk just finished or is taking place at the same time as another interesting talk..." Everybody is familiar with these problems. The conference-tool helps you solving these problems!

Within the conference-micro site you can search for content, speakers and tags. The search results are displayed immediately. In addition it is possible to enable an individual adjustable Twitter-feed that keeps you up to date what the users are discussing about your event.


The Utilities complement the main software package. They provide additional functionality and let you create a more comfortable or decentralized use case. Currently the Mobile Broadcaster Application for iOS and Android, as well as the Online Encoder and Studio Show Control help you create great broadcasts.

The Studio: Master Control at your Fingertips

The Studio is the heart of This is where your show comes together and is broadcast live.

Key Features

Multiple Video Inputs

The Studio accepts video inputs from a multitude of sources and locations

Control your Live Show

You decide when you go on Air. Trigger the broadcast and record your Show.

Edit Live Video

Take full control and edit effortlessly between the Live Sources of your Show.

Work with a remote Team

Work together and communicate with a decentralized Production Team right in the Studio.

Create On-Screen Design

Combine your Live Sources with Assets from the Library and create rich and interactive Scenes.

Add rich Widgets to your Stream

Enrich your Video Stream with interactive Components, such as Voting or Download Widgets.

Manage Production Assets

The Library Library allows you to manage Production Assets for your Shows, even collaboratively with a Team.

Engage with your Audience

Get in Touch with your Audience through Chat, or invite them right on Air with you.

Who are our customers?



Most times sport events need to be live to be enjoyed. The drama, the rooting for your team are heightened in a live scenario. While some sports are big on TV, lots of incredible interesting athletics are invisible to the masses. For these groups a traditional Live Broadcast is time- consuming, heavy on logistics and infrastructure and too expensive to create and to promote.


Conference organizers want to provide their visitors with the most information and content they can. Creating a great online offering of conference content is daunting. Installing and maintaining live video infrastructure is a heavy task on the often already time-critical endeavour.



The internet with all it's social connectivity has made a huge impact on how the music business works. Engaging with fans is crucial. More and more the money, and the career, is made with live concerts rather than records. But it is hard for young bands to get into the game and start monetizing their passion. Reaching fans might be easier than ever, but successfully providing content is still a complicated and costly challenge.


The web is democratizing the entertainment landscape. It all started on youtube by empowering young filmmakers to affordably produce and distribute their ideas. But a huge segment of popular entertainment culture is still on the catch up. Live shows with game, talk, reality or variety formats are still hard to find and are difficult to produce for young, creative minds. Additionally, the creative possibilities in traditional TV Setup are limited.



A lot of political organizations and parties have the huge challenge to reach their audience and communicate their talking points. Especially regional organizations have an added financial constraint to overcome, but reaching the people, for them, is critical.

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