Channel tools

With tools you can enhance and simplify your live show production significantly.

Live Encoder
The Live Encoder makes it possible to transmit every video or audio signal from your computer or mobile device into the Studio. The tool is flash based and no software installation is necessary. The Live Encoder Front-End enables the adjustment of individual signal resolutions, frames and data rates. With a single mouse click -- Stream to Studio -- the desired signal becomes available for all applications, such as the Studio or the Simple Show Control.
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Simple Show Control
The Simple-Show-Control enables the production of a show without entering the studio. This might be a good solution, if you want to produce your entire program on-site and simply transmit the complete video (including the Video-Monitor control) to your viewers. All video input signals of the attached encoders are accessible via the Simple-Show-Control. After the selection of a signal source the image of the attached encoder becomes visible immediately filling the whole scene. Additional buttons allow you to control the aspect ratio of the video content. Using the control-buttons, your live show and recording can be started and stopped; viewer numbers and viewed minutes are displayed in the Simple-Show-Control.
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Mobile Broadcaster
The Mobile Broadcaster enables you to send live streams from your mobile phone to the Studio and is available for free for Android and Apple smartphones.

You can use your mobile live streams as an additional video feed, or even broadcast a live show entirely from your mobile phone.

The live signal from your mobile device will be seen on the channel at[yourchannelname] as well as on any website that you have embedded your video player on -- for example, Facebook or your blog.

If you chose to record your show, an archive of your show becomes available shortly after you finish recording.

After logging into the app, a menu appears where you can make adjustments such as bandwidth and frame rate. Additionally, Pro+ customers can choose which channel they wish to use for broadcasting.

The live mobile video is immediately available in your Studio. The live mobile video can be used like any other video source. For example, a picture-in-picture composition or an onsite live report.

Another great feature of the Mobile Broadcaster is that during a live broadcast you can still make phone calls. This way, a show’s producer can give directions to the on-site camera operators.

Now that’s exciting!

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Screen Grabber
Capture your screen in full-resolution and broadcast it in the Studio to create workshops or presentations, or to simply show your audience something you’ve found on the web.

Download the Screen Grabber and run the installation, or double click the program icon.

After the successful installation of the Screen Grabber on your system, you can start the application under Start > Programs > Screen Grabber, or, if on a Mac, in your Tool Dock.

After a short performance test of your system to determine the maximum possible framerate, a surface appears where you can log in with your user account e-mail and password.

After the successful log in you can choose which of your channels you want to broadcast to your screen. Additionally, you can select the bitrate and framerate of your screencast as well as choose a name for the stream.

With clicking the “Start Stream” button, you start your broadcast to the network. Now you can select your screencast stream in the studio live inputs, or in the simple show control and use it in your show.