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Live Video Cloud Cloud control for live video.



Benefit from our cloud-based infrastructurefor live video workflows.

  • Fast

    Get relevant content as it happens.

  • Flexible

    Decentralize and scale productions.

  • Connective

    Activate and enable audience participation.

  • Scalable

    Extend brand reach and monetization.

  • News

  • Sports

  • Entertainment

  • Esports

Designed for evolving needs.Running on Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Live Video CloudCloud control for live video.

Acquire unlimited concurrent live feeds from professional cameras, encoders, mobiles, drones, and online sources.

Curate and route live signals within a continuous playback multi-view to unlimited outputs and allocate content wherever you need it to be.

Distribute live signals simultaneously to unlimited destinations online and to traditional broadcast infrastructure.

Live content curation at scale.Discover, qualify, and route.

User Story

  • receive live signals from mobile apps/browsers, pro-cameras, encoders, or drones
  • monitor up to 48 signals in a continuous playback multi-view
  • qualify content for distribution via timecode-based switching or latency optimized routing
  • deliver selected feeds to up to 10 destinations per output with an unlimited number of outputs

Signal connection health monitoring.Route, distribute, and supervise.

User Story

  • route ingested signals via passthrough or multi-bitrate transcoding
  • reach up to 10 destinations per output
  • control and monitor signal connections for each destination

Live and near-live content acquisition.Receive, screen, and use.

User Story

  • receive live signals from mobile reporters and citizen journalists via mobile apps/browsers or pro-cameras and encoders
  • filter and explore sources by configured inputs and location
  • route qualified content to, e.g., newsrooms, mixers or directly to social
  • access and allocate recordings from the first minute for usage in other systems via timecode-based segment transfer

Asset and segment transfer of recorded streams.Filter, trim, and allocate.

User Story

  • filter recordings by metadata such as creation date, length, or contributor
  • access completed and on-going recordings (growing files) for screening
  • transfer files or selected timecode segments to third-party storages or local machines

Trusted by broadcast professionals. Customer stories and Case Studies.

Live Workflow for Esports at ESL Katowice 2019

“Katowice is the pinnacle of ESL’s production right now. Hundreds of hours of content from different stages, all delivered and distributed live to over 70 destinations including digital platforms, linear TV stations and other production studios around the world for localization - reaching hundreds of millions of viewers. Our licence holders demand high quality content with zero margin for error from all of our events. With the help of Make.TV and their highly scalable and flexible Live Video Cloud, we are able to easily deliver on that promise.” Tobias Grieser, Vice President, Production & Broadcast Innovation at ESL
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FIFA World Cup 2018

“Make.TV is our partner of choice for social media live playout. It was great to work with them to help us handle the FIFA World Cup in Russia on Facebook and Twitter. Combining Live Video Cloud for processing of content to all channels with Make.TV’s Playout for delivery to radically different outlets played was the best way to solve it.” Sascha Schwoll, Head of playout-center, MCR, quality control at SWR
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Remote Production for Sports

“We want to standardize and optimize Make.TV as a product within tpc’s portfolio provided to SRF. Live Video Cloud enables us to run productions even in circumstances where ordinary setups would not be cost-effective in order to deliver content to specific audiences.” Torsten Blank, Head of Online Department at tpc (CH)
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Decentralized Signal Distribution

Loosening up static workflows: How SWR adjusts existing, static signal workflows to ensure future-proof flexibility and scalability.
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Olympics 2016 in Rio

“Make.TV’s cloud-based live streaming technology came to stay. It is time to integrate this system in our infrastructure and use this big opportunity for our social media platforms, websites and studio. Our plan is to bring the energy of the city closer to the people. So they can be part of this game. Be prepared!” Allan Caldeira, New Technology Coordinator at FOX Sports Brasil
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