WYSIWYG Distribute

Distribute live signal to both worlds:
 Online & On-site


Route signals to unlimited passthrough and transcoded outputs with up to 1080p60, 
10 push targets and even more pull clients connected. Broadcast to live streaming platforms and online services or use routed signal within local environments.

Online Platforms & Services 

Configure Ingest URLs for all of your devices and software units once and change their contribution destinations separately as often as needed. 

  • Destination-side Publishing: Publish your final broadcast signal on multiple streaming platforms at once like Facebook LIVE, YouTube Live, Twitch, Hitbox and Livestream.
  • Delivery via CDN services: Distribute your signals to CDN services like Akamai or online servers like Wowza or FMS for further processing and delivery.

Local Broadcast Environments

The Live Video Cloud acts as a video hub between traditional broadcasting infrastructure and the internet.

  • Decode to SDI/HDMI: Decode routed signals to SDI/HDMI for further usage and processing e.g. with Teradek or Elemental.
  • Software & Mixer: Route and use signal directly in live production software like vMix and Telestream Wirecast.
  • Internal IP-Signal: Route and publish live video signals internally as IP-signals via NewTek’s NDI or SMTPE2022 for further processing.



What is the Make.TV Live Video Cloud?

With Live Video Cloud (LVC), acquire both user-generated and premium content contributed from smartphones, mobile pro cameras, and encoders, or even live social video feeds. Monitor incoming live feeds, communicate with contributors, route and then monetize streams to broadcast, social or OTT.