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eco Gala: Internet Industry Forward Thinkers honored with eco Internet Awards


In six categories, the specialist jury honored innovative solutions that will be indispensable in the future in areas like Mobility, Entertainment, Security and Infrastructure. Among the winners are well known companies like DPD Dynamic Parcel Distribution, but also young companies like the German-American startup Hashplay. The Special Prize from the State of NRW for the Digital Economy went to auxmoney.

Running under the motto of “Gala for Forward Thinkers”, the event was opened by eco Chairman Prof. Michael Rotert, who welcomed the more than 400 high-level guests, including many company founders and CEO and Internet pioneers. He emphasized that “the Internet industry has an above-average number of forward thinkers. From their ideas, new products and services are developed that turn the world as we know it on its head – and that at breathtaking speed. Being able to follow this development is harder for some than others – especially in politics.” But, Rotert explained, despite the lack of forward thinkers in politics, at least it is home to a growing number of more “reflective” thinkers. These have started to understand that digitalization is no temporary fashion that we can just wait out. At the German level, third party liability for Wi-Fi providers is going in the right direction, and Rotert has growing confidence in the Digital Agenda – although he views the re-introduction of blanket data retention more negatively.

eco CEO Harald A. Summa was delighted that so many forward thinkers came together in Cologne for the evening – enabling many constructive discussions and great networking possibilities. “At the gala, outstanding forward thinkers are honored with the coveted Internet industry prize. The ideas presented will shape the future of the entire German economy – the Internet industry is of course one of the fastest-growing domestic industry sectors.” As a result, the eco Gala offered an excellent basis for developing new collaborative projects and innovative plans.

The winners of the eco Internet Awards 2016

Category Entertainment_B2B

Make.TV (SMT – Streaming Media Technologies GmbH)

Jury: “The collection, integration and transmission of video data can be achieved with Live Video Cloud in previously unseen scalability, and is as yet technically unique on the market”

Category Entertainment_B2C

Hashplay Inc.

Jury: “Hashplay raises a successful format to the next technical level and has a realistic monetarization potential with their advertising format.”

Category Next Generation Infrastructure_B2B

Console Inc.

Jury “Console is changing the world of interconnection and considerably increases security, performance and user friendliness.”

Category Next Generation Infrastructure_B2C

Filiago GmbH & Co. KG

Jury: “FILIAGO Sat Speed 30,000 brings an enormous improvement for customers with poor network provision. Truly everyone can now surf the Internet with 30 Mbit/s.”

Category Smart_B2B

Next Kraftwerke GmbH

Jury: “With the virtual power station Next Pool, renewable energy becomes a real alternative, and the building of new reactors or transmission routes becomes unnecessary.”

Category Smart_B2C

DPD Dynamic Parcel Distribution GmbH & Co. KG

Jury: “With the DPD app, parcel delivery steps into the digital age and becomes a gamified experience.”

Category Mobility

Emodz BV

Jury: “#Vehicle2HollandHouse enables environmentally friendly living and working through the optimal use of natural energy resources and at the same time reduces costs.”

Category New Work

Talentwunder UG

Jury: “Aggregated in accordance with data protection, Talentwunder’s personal database is possibly the largest in the world, and a perfect example for innovative Big Data analytics.”

Category Next Generation Security


Jury: “The solution from PHYSEC makes an important and innovative contribution to the protection of connected digital objects, from both the business and private spheres of life.”

Special Prize from the State of NRW for the Digital Economy

auxmoney GmbH

“auxmoney shows impressively that it is possible to establish a great FinTech startup in NRW. Despite the allure of other hotspots, the company has been loyal to its location in Dusseldorf and has developed into a beacon for the startup scene in our state.”

The complete jury reasons can be found here.

Photos of the winners and the eco Gala can be found in our Flickr collections.


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