Ingest live video from anybody, anywhere.

Deliver live video via any RTMP capable device, software or mobile phone and automatically record, route and archive live signals within your browser.


Professional Devices & Software

Configure Ingest URLs for all of your devices and software units once and change their contribution destinations separately as often as needed.


  • RTMP capable cameras: Stream directly with RTMP capable cameras like JVC’s GY-HM200E camcorder. 
  • Camera to mobile encoder: Stream live with any camera connected to a mobile encoder like Teradek’s Vidiu.
  • Encoder: Push or pull live signals directly from classic encoders like Teradek’s Slice.
  • Camera to Software: Push broadcast signals from software encoders like vMix.
  • Online Server: Push and use processed live signals from online servers like Wowza Streaming Cloud. 


The fully integrated system camera in your pocket. Available for iOS and Android as "Streamtag" app or co-branded version.


Live Streaming | Upload Queue | External Devices | Voice Intercom | Producer Chat | Tally Light

Online Sources

Grab single live feeds from online sources or multiple feeds at once from Periscope filtered by #hashtag.


  • Sources & Servers: Grab single feeds from sources or servers like Reuters, Akamai, Wowza or FMS.
  • Periscope via #hashtag: Ingest multiple UGC live feeds from Periscope filtered by #hashtag.
  • Periscope via user-ID: Ingest single UGC live feeds from Periscope selected via user-ID.



What is the Make.TV Live Video Cloud?

With Live Video Cloud (LVC), acquire both user-generated and premium content contributed from smartphones, mobile pro cameras, and encoders, or even live social video feeds. Monitor incoming live feeds, communicate with contributors, route and then monetize streams to broadcast, social or OTT.