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Make.TV launch plugin for Avid® MediaCentral | UX

Producers can keep track of their mobile reporters and communicate while monitoring incoming live feeds.

Make.TV Acquire is a new plugin from the Germany based developer which enables third-party solution providers to integrate the functions of the Make.TV Live Video Cloud into their own applications. As part of this development, Avid has certified the integration of the plugin within the MediaCentral Platform.

With Make.TV Acquire, Avid MediaCentral Platform users can access the Make.TV Live Video Cloud. For example, news reporters can upload live streams using the free Make.TV Mobile App and, at any time, the producer can determine the location of their roving reporters thanks to geo-localisation, query their online status and communicate via a chat function and integrated intercom. On top of this, a tally light in the Make.TV Mobile App notifies the reporter as soon as the supplied live stream is on-air.
 As a result, Make.TV says it is becoming a daily business tool for Avid users and news reporters. Compatibility with other tools, such as Make.TV Selector and Make.TV Manager, means that the content generated can be selected, managed and distributed with excellent flexibility. Producers also have the option of transferring their content to Avid Interplay Production.

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