Archive and Live-to-VOD Manager

The Make.TV Manager enables editors to filter, search and pre-select incoming videos before transferring them into broadcast, social or OTT environments.


How does it work?

All contributions are archived and accessible by filtering. Archived and incoming live signals can be screened and trimmed before transferring into existing production environments.


Browsing files via "map view" allows you to filter stored footage by location effortlessly.

Live incoming feeds are flagged. Trim scenes from stored footage as well as live feeds to transfer only the content you need.

Become a master of the situation and filter the mass of contributions by any existing meta-data.

Archive all contributions.

All contributions are permanently accessible through Make.TV Manager to transfer them into your production environment.

Pre-cut highlight scenes.

Use the trimming interface to pre-cut highlight scenes from stored files as well as incoming live feeds.

Separate the wheat from the chaff.

Easy to use meta-data filters combined with a trimming function allows you to select the content you want to further work with, without downloading large amount of footage.


What is the Make.TV Live Video Cloud?

With Live Video Cloud (LVC), acquire both user-generated and premium content contributed from smartphones, mobile pro cameras, and encoders, or even live social video feeds. Monitor incoming live feeds, communicate with contributors, route and then monetize streams to broadcast, social or OTT.