Make.TV is now a Division of LTN Global.



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We foster relationships with a wide network of technology and solution providers to ensure that the Live Video Cloud integrates seamlessly into existing workflows.


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About Make.TV

Make.TV is a global cloud software company enabling live and near-live content to be created and shared between creators, producers, programmers and advertisers with scale, speed and relevance previously not possible. Make.TV’s Live Video Cloud technology has been trusted by leaders in news, sport, entertainment and esports, including ESL/Turtle Entertainment, RTL/CBC and SWR/ARD.
Make.TV is a division of LTN® Global with offices in Columbia, DC and Cologne, Germany. LTN Global is a managed media service provider with modular solutions built on proprietary/patented technology that customers can easily harness into workflow solutions to address the most pressing issues they face today.