Make.TV is now a Division of LTN Global.






Video Scheduling and Playout – with integrated connections to video ad servers for pre-roll, interstitial and post-roll insertion.

The Make.TV Playout module is a cloud-based scheduler and playout solution, enabling content owners to create TV programs with a mix of pre-produced content and acquired live or near-live streams.


How does it work

Schedule your program with a mix of archived footage and live streams and configure item-based events to control ad breaks on multiple output destinations at once.


Transferred content or live streams can be easily scheduled and organized between library and playlist. Filter and search to find the content you need.

Trigger ad-breaks via API communication with Twitch, YouTube or custom servers to monetize your footage.

Distribute your playlist to multiple destinations at once using pre-defined output templates for common platforms or to set up a custom connection.

Trim and use elements as fill-ins

Playlist elements can be trimmed to use only a selected part. If you need to bypass time (e.g., until a live stream starts) elements can be used as fill-ins. Setting an end time will loop the selected item or trimmed section.

Create sequences for repetitive patterns

If the same order of elements is needed at different positions creating sequences simplifies the editing workflow. Sequences appear as 
sub-playlists and can be used as fill-ins.

Upload via SFTP/HTTP

To ensure broadcast stability all files are tethered directly to the Playout system. Uploading files via SFTP/HTTP will make them available in the library.

Real-time transcoding to destinations

While distributing streams to defined outputs, Make.TV Playout transcodes the file in real-time. The original footage stays untouched.