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Professional streaming for esports leagues & tournaments

Are you ready to play?

Esports is the fastest growing segment in media and entertainment with over 300 million viewers and nearly a billion dollars in revenue. Tournament organizers of all sizes, leagues, teams, rising stars and personalities are in the process of figuring out the technologies, business models and brands that will shape this exploding market.

Opportunity? Game on!

Esports is changing the way live sports programming is created and viewed, closing the distance between athlete and fan, content creator and content consumer. For broadcasters of any size, it’s an incredible opportunity coupled with unique challenges. Creating professionally produced, reliable and consistent content is the foundation of building a global brand. This means capturing all the action, player IRL feeds, expert commentary, fan feedback and the buzz from the venue.

Decentralized, flexible acquisition, production, and distribution for esports

Make.TV's multi-source, live contribution creates broadcast quality esports programming

Make.TV enables the biggest players in esports to take advantage of flexible, professional, reliable, acquisition and distribution across multiple viewing platforms. They can easily curate, route and distribute live video to local infrastructures, CDNs, streaming platforms and social media. This means they can capture all the excitement from gamer screens, player cams, fan reactions and multiple cameras in live arenas. It’s all possible now and it's changing the way we watch live sports.

Better coverage – capture all the action

Capture all the action, at scale. More live coverage from any size tournament. Bring the fans and players closer to the story.

New monetization opportunities

Reach the fragmented global esports audience wherever they may be across all platforms and with global, localized and personalized feeds.

Dependable delivery to multiple destinations

Distribute live signals cost-effectively to multiple viewing platforms. Quickly re-route input signals and add/remove destinations without interruptions.

“ Using Live Video Cloud enables us to provide pretty fast and uncomplicated live feeds. ”
Chris Müller, Managing Director, ESL TV

Live Workflow for Esports

How ESL distributes PGM signals and cleanfeeds to millions of viewers and sub-production houses


Professional esports Streaming