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2018 Kilauea Volcano Eruption

Be there first

Covering the 2018 Kilauea volcanic eruptions created major challenges for global broadcasters. News teams needed to capture the unfolding impact on residents and the environment, but the eruptions took place in a remote area of Hawaii’s Big Island at unpredictable times over weeks and months.

Live news contribution from professional cameras to smartphones

Imagine seamlessly weaving together live content from professional reporters and citizen journalists, allowing you to create and maintain the fastest, most accurate and authentic picture of a dynamic and evolving story.

Multi-source acquisition and curation of live news feeds

The “as it happens” challenge

Collecting and distributing live news coverage from multiple sources “as it happens” in the field can be a massive challenge. Content is often out there first on social media. Previously, there was no simple, reliable way to access live, hyper-local video and dynamically switch between the hottest live feeds to create a compelling broadcast segment.

Breaking news and Make.TV

Now, news broadcasters of all sizes can use Make.TV to acquire, curate, route and distribute multiple hyper-local, live streaming sources from anywhere in the world to any destination. This allows newsrooms to quickly deliver the most important live updates to their audiences - engaging viewers in more complete stories, increasing monetization opportunities and driving brand value.

Instantaneous remote coverage

With access to virtually unlimited contribution sources you’ll have all the action at your fingertips.

Quickly curate the best content

One editor can quickly curate the best live media from multiple, live, local contributors, monitoring, filtering and routing up to 48 feeds in a single view.

More live sources = longer viewing times

Increase the quality of reports with more live content to keep coverage rolling. When new developments break, your audience will see them first.

“ The ability to attain and circulate usergenerated content is invaluable in today's media landingscape. ”


More Sources, More Coverage