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Professional Sports


Give Them More

More Cameras, More Sources, More Stories

Today's sports viewers want it all: live action, highlights and reactions from players, pundits and fans. Audiences are time poor and tribal, wanting the very best content as it happens. Meanwhile, audiences are fracturing with new direct-to-consumer and branded channels being created all the time. Adaptability is critical for capturing and maintaining attention and relevance.

Deeper Audience Connections

Imagine giving every fan a deeper connection to the sport they love. The excitement of being at the game, going behind the scenes, watching individual player cams, witnessing the draft, visiting the practice field, getting rich commentary and connecting with other super fans. Find the route to better engagement, longer viewing times and new sponsorship opportunities.

Flexible acquisition, production, and distribution for live sports

Quickly integrate new content into your sports broadcast

Sports fans are voraciously consuming digital content from a range of sources. How can broadcasters quickly integrate multiple content sources into traditional broadcasts? With Make.TV, it’s easy to acquire and curate virtually unlimited live video that meets viewer expectations for richer, deeper and more personal stories.

More coverage, more stories

Acquire live video sources from professional cameras, fan cams and social media. Drive deeper fan engagement and longer viewing times.

Frictionless contribution with any device

Source content from fans, players and pundits from any professional camera or any smartphone - no need for special apps or devices.

Brand and sponsorship opportunity

Create innovative ways for fans to participate. Explore sponsorship opportunities around specific feeds, segments or the whole live stream.

“ Make.TV is driving a revolution in live video routing and curation. ”
Erik Benson, Voyager Capital

Remote Production for Sports

“We want to standardize and optimize Make.TV as a product within tpc’s portfolio provided to SRF. Live Video Cloud enables us to run productions even in circumstances where ordinary setups would not be cost-effective in order to deliver content to specific audiences.”


Nothing beats the power of live