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Broadcast live to Twitter with Make.TV via the Periscope API

The Make.TV Live Video Cloud (LVC) is a live video acquisition, management and publishing platform.  Make.TV is excited to support live video broadcasting from any device to Twitter/Periscope directly via the Periscope API. Now in addition to Facebook, YouTube and Twitch, add on Twitter/Periscope as another destination and broadcast to billions of new viewers.

Connect Make.TV's Streamtag mobile clients or your best professional production tools and cameras to Twitter (and simultaneously to all other major live platforms) & to go live to a global, highly engaged Twitter audience with Make.TV's Selector, Live Video Cloud & Playout tools. 

Using the Make.TV Live Video Cloud, publishers can acquire user-generated and premium live content using mobile smartphones, pro cameras and encoders. Producers can select and curate the best feeds from unlimited sources, then route the live and on-demand streams to any broadcast channel, social or OTT network. Customers include LinkedIn, FOX Sports, MTV/Viacom, Perform, RTL2, ZDF, ESL and Swiss Broadcasting Corp (SRF).



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